Give Time to Family Travel

The Give Time to Family Travel, everything comes a big Hollywood movie that somehow deals with time travel, the Internet and the scientific communities start to vibrate. Movies or other works of art of that kind seem to revive humanity’s interest, desire, and obsession with manipulating the cosmos and going forward or back in time.



If nothing else, this speaks to our nature as human beings: always wishing we could change the past, do it again, visit a period of time that our memories distort to seem idyllic and just as afraid of the future and only wish once. see, a nugget of knowledge that would give us an advantage over time. Whatever the reason, God or nature or pure chance made us this way. Nonetheless the question leftovers: is it possible.

Travel in time

Theoretically, it is possible to travel in time. Einstein and other great minds taught us that is relative. In relation to what are you asking? Movement. Movement. For example: the closer it is to the earth, the more time it spends in the way we are used to. The farther you get from the ground, the longer it stretches. If a person could get far enough away but still had the means to observe the earth, he could see time move lightning fast. They could see their friends and family go through 20, 30, 40 or more so quickly and still be the same age.

Implications course

The implications of this, of course, are that if you could move things the right way, it would be possible to travel on time. Many modern scientists choose to believe that is more like a ring than a straight line. Everything happens in different places at the same time. Pretty awesome thought, right?

So if science is solid, will man travel backwards or forwards? Unfortunately, the answer is (or thankfully depending on how you think about it) probably not. You see, the consequences of time travel are very unknown to us. If technology and science existed, they could certainly be used to hurt. Major disasters for us can come by accident. And if we ever invented travel, it would already exist. Chew one for a while.

Fantasize Time

So while it may be fun to dream and fantasize about going to the future or visiting the past, much more important and actually necessary scientific discoveries still need to be made. Of course, this does not stop the truly faithful and fanatical from trying it, and that is fine too. Maybe other scientific breakthroughs can come from such experimentation Time, otherwise someone will discover it and rule over all of us as the past and future king of some weird science fiction dystopia. It’s probably not the last though.

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